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Best prospects to a comfortable life without glasses

You think, there are no contact lenses for your special eyes, or you might have problems with the handling of the contacts, or your eyes wouldn’t get along with the material? You are the opinion there is no other correction for you except glasses? We will remove the scales of your eyes.

It doesn’t matter what kind of ametropia you have, there are individual and comfortable contact lenses for senior citizens, grown-ups and even children. With our custom-made solutions you will see the world with different eyes- invisible for everybody else but very obvious for you.

Our service deserves your confidence- and we give our eyeteeth for keeping it up.

With this short movie you can have a look at our institute  

Gunther Oesker Uwe Bischoff
Dipl.-Ing. Augenoptik
Dipl.-Ing. Augenoptik
Manager Manager